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With its tumbling tendrils we are overfilling all our pots and vessels with our beautiful Angel Hoya.

This stem adds instant lift to your shelves and tables and shadowy corners that need some love.


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Measurements: Height, 94 cm

Materials: Resin stem with metal wire (materials will vary depending on flower type)

Care instructions: All our faux flowers, foliage and plants can be wiped down with a damp cloth if needed. Flower heads will need be shaken free of dust or blasted with compressed air.

To keep your flowers looking fabulous for as long as possible, store away from direct sunlight and moisture to avoid colour fading.

AA botanicals are made to the highest standard. All of our flower heads are made from hand-painted fabric, attached to resin stems.

Please note: Some of our stems can be placed in water-filled vases. All meadow flower stems are wrapped in paper and are therefore not waterproof.