Designer in the Spotlight - Catrine Åberg from Cooee Designs

Designer in the Spotlight - Catrine Åberg from Cooee Designs

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Catrine Åberg is the talented designer who founded Cooee Designs. She lives in a small city in the South of Sweden where she operates from. Cooee was something Catrine started around 12-14 years ago, but for many years the focus was on jewellery.

What made you set up Cooee Designs?

I lived in London, Dublin and Sydney for a couple of years because of work and studies earlier on and when I stayed in Sydney I assisted with high-end real estates. I came across the material, Corian and me and my partner at the time worked with this material for modern kitchen designs. I had an idea of working with this material for jewelry as well as Plexiglas . So when we moved back to Sweden we started working with these materials both for interior products and my jewelleries at the time. It took off very well at a fair and we started to sell at great department stores, designs stores. I thought trendy jewellery was lacking in Sweden at that time and there was mostly jewellery made of gold, silver. When I wore my jewellery designs, I was very often asked about them and people wanted to buy them. So that was basically the start of the brand 12-14 years ago.


What are some of your most favourite products in the Living range?

I guess I have to say our ceramics, like the famous Ball vase to begin with. I really love our colours and how to make combination of the line. I still can find new colour and shape combination of that line! But I also nearly always have a stilleben on one of our trays to create a nice grouped collection. I like for instance to have our new “Pillar vase”, “Candlestick 21 cm and “Ball vase 10 cm” together in one group.


Where to you take your design inspiration from?

Most ideas have started with what we have felt we couldn’t find at the market. We are very minimalist in our style, so when it came to Christmas/seasonal products we designed several products like the “Winterstar” lamp, “Tree” in Plexiglas etc. They have become very popular and Cooee-classics through the years!

What do you love the most about what you do at Cooee Designs?

First of all I'm so grateful for the response we have on our designs by the consumer! Its truly amazing to see our products on Instagram for instance in customers private homes and how they are happy about our designs! That’s fantastic and we are truly grateful about!
And if you mean about my work and what I love doing, Id say that I love to style and photograph our products. Making new combinations and giving inspiration to our customers.

What’s your favourite interiors trend at the moment?

I like the colours! They are soft, calm and earthy. I also love the 70’s trends with the round shapes and teddy-materials, pampas grass.

Who are some of your design idols?

Jean Prouvés made a lot of great designs and I love his Standard Chair. Very trending now as well.

What do you feel makes your designs stand out?

Our designs are minimalist with a Scandinavian elegance. The ceramic have a very unique surface with its matte, silky feeling and the colours are easy to mix and match. We always work with the shapes and sizes of the products so they will work well together in a group.

You can browse through the Cooee Design collection here at Westholme Interiors.

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