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85-01 Black Mango Wood LongBe Home Brushed Black Mango Wood Rectangular Board, Long
DBKD Walking Egg CupDBKD Walking Egg Cup2
DBKDDBKD Walking Egg Cup
Sale price£4.80
Be Home Black Mango Rectangle Wood mini85-121Be Home Brushed Black Mango Wood Rectangular Board Mini
DBKDDBKD Walking Egg Pot
Sale price£11.20
Be-Home_Mini-White-Marble-Board_580-33-1536x1536White Marble Rectangular with Handle Mini
Be Home 64-67 Stoneware Cellar & Spoon Slate Grey1Be Home 64-66 Stoneware Cellar & Spoon1
White heart boards and coastersWhite Marble Heart Board
Be-Home_Mini-Square-White-Marble-Board_580-31-1536x1536Be Home Mini Marble boards group
Be Home 64-68 Stoneware Cellar and Spoon White 1Be Home 64-68 Stoneware Cellar & Spoon White 2
cellars58-77 White and Gray Marble cellars and tray
Be Home_White Marble Pastry Slab, Small_58-821_Marble_13062022
Be-Home_Mini-Round-White-Marble-Board_580-32-1536x1536Be Home Mini Marble boards group
Specktrum_Phantom Trays_group_20.06.2022Specktrum_Phantom Rectangular_1198_Coast_120522
SpecktrumSpecktrum Phantom Tray
Sale price£60.00

4 colours available

Be Home 64-66 Stoneware Cellar & SpoonBe Home 64-66 Stoneware Cellar & Spoon1
58-78 White Grey Marble Round
Be Home 85-05 Black Wood Lazy Susan IMG_0204Westholme_Interiors_May_20th_049
Be Home 64-28 Stoneware Bowl White Medium IMG_0230Westholme_Interiors_May_20th_042
HK LIiving ceramic shell tray m whiteace6849-hr_01HK LIiving ceramic shell tray m whiteace6849-hr_04
DBKD Eating RabbitDBKD Eating Rabbit1
DBKDDBKD Eating Rabbit
Sale priceFrom £12.00

3 colours available

Be Home Salerno Black Marble Pastry Slab SmallBe Home Salerno Black Marble Pastry Slab Small
Be Home 64-04 Stoneware Bowl, Sterling Grey Medium IMG_0221Be Home Stoneware Bowl Sterling Grey Medium
Be Home Stoneware White 64-35Be Home 64-35 Stoneware Pitcher small White 2
Be-Home_Stoneware-Pitcher-Slate-Small_64-42Be Home 64-66 Stoneware Cellar & Spoon1
Be Home_Brushed Black Mango Wood Square Board, Mini_85-111_Mango Wood_13062022Be Home Brushed Black Mango Wood Square Board Mini
Be-Home_Stoneware-Carafe-Slate_64-14Be Home 64-35 Stoneware Pitcher small White 3
Be-Home_Stoneware-Pitcher-Sterling-Small_64-49Be Home 64-49 Stoneware Pitcher small sterling grey1
Be Home Glass & Mango Decanter TallBe Home Glass & Mango Decanter Tall
Be Home Glass & Mango Cruets Set of 2Be-Home_Glass-and-Mango-Wood-Cruet-Set-of-2_92-04_Glass_09062022
Rader Mix & Match Small Bowl Tendril Group 15132Rader Mix & Match Small Bowl Tendril Group 15132.
Rader Marble Tray 1436814368_Marmortablett_02
RäderRader Oil & Salt 13285
Be Home 64-714 Stoneware Flat Plate White Large IMG_0233Westholme_Interiors_May_20th_042
Be Home 64-704 Stoneware Flat Plate White Medium IMG_0231Westholme_Interiors_May_20th_042
Be Home 64-45 Stone Mug Slate Grey IMG_0227Westholme_Interiors_May_20th_042
Be Home 64-713 Stoneware Flat Plate Sterling Large IMG_0225Westholme_Interiors_May_20th_042
Be Home Stoneware Flat Plate Sterling Medium IMG_0224Westholme_Interiors_May_20th_042
Be Home 58-13 Forest Marble Rectangular Board Small IMG_0218.jpegWestholme_Interiors_May_20th_076
Be Home 58-85 White & Marble Glass Cloche IMG_0216
Be Home 64-30 Stoneware Carafe White 1
Be-Home_Stoneware-Carafe-Sterling_64-06Be Home 64-06 Stoneware Carafe Sterling Grey.1
Be-Home_White-Marble-Bowl-Extra-Large_580-08-1536x1536Be Home 580-08 White Marble extra large bowl
Glass Bell Cake Stand Large

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