Interior Styling for Autumn

Interior Styling for Autumn

The dark evenings are rolling in and the roads are littered with gold and burnt orange leaves. It’s safe to say that autumn has made an appearance! With that in mind I want to share some simple interior styling tips for autumn to get in this seasons latest trends, get in the seasonal spirit and warm up your home.

Big Blooms – Trend Watch

Our homes are brimming with more blooms than ever before and the trend is set to continue, so if you haven’t already joined in then take a look at some of the big headed blooms we’ve got available right now.

Why not try:

Autumn Ruby Hydrangea £16.99 / Brown Berry Spray £14.99 / Large White Chrysanthemum £13.99

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It’s all about Black – Trend Watch

Black has never gone out of fashion really, but it’s back with a bang! Don’t worry if you’re not a huge monochrome fan, you can still add touches through home accessories, black picture frames and coffee table books.

Why not try:

Lene Bjerre Serafina Bird £10 / Present Time Deco Tray Large £42 / Cooee Design Large Ball Vase £45

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Pumpkins – Seasonal Update

How best to get in the autumnal spirit than to crack out the pumpkins… Only you don’t need to bring your best carving skills to our party with our range of gorgeous gourds.

Why not try:

Lene Bjerre Serafina Pumpkin Silver 15 cm £44 / Lene Bjerre Serafina Pumpkin White 11 cm £18 / Lene Bjerre Serafina Pumpkin White 12.5 cm £15

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Navy & Gold – Trend Watch

Luxe is huge right now, so get set for lots of gold and blue. Navy is perfect for these darker months to create an epic atmosphere… Go big and use it on walls and large furnishings like sofas or curtains and to finish, accessorise with a sprinkling of gold home accessories.

Why not try:

Nordal ERA Gold Holder for 4 candles £60 / Navy Coming Home Candle Holders from £10 / Ester & Erik Taper Candles in Gold & Royal Navy Blue from £2.95

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Dim the Lights – Seasonal Update

We all want to create a cosy atmosphere this autumn.. So get your best throw at the ready, dim those lights and reach for the candles.

Why not try:

Evoke 30cl candle £20 (Nikki’s favourite) / Nordal Lantern Dome Large £70 / House Doctor Pillar Candle £7.25

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