Westholme Interiors x Soul Candles Launch Event

Westholme Interiors x Soul Candles Launch Event

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WOW WOW WOW!!!!!  What a night!  I’m overwhelmed by the love and support of everyone that came to our event, family, friends and to all my Instagram followers.

I just want to say a few massive thank you's!  First and foremost to my gorgeous husband and lovely friends and family who helped make this happen.  They worked their socks off last night selling candles and setting up. To Soul Candles not only have we created the most amazing range of Candle and Diffuser's but honestly I’m so proud to call you my friends and life long ones at that.

For the sponsors of the event who went above and beyond to make this happen and I think you will agree the venue looked exquisite!!  The Marcliffe Hotel, as I’m sure you will agree went above and beyond for us.  Our sound and screen guys from Aberdeen Audio Visual were amazing, along with the teams at Lace Sixpence and Illumin8 who provided our gorgeous blossom trees and EVOKE letters respectively.  Also a huge thank you to Elegant Events and La La lights for the sweet table and backdrop.

Our gorgeous guests were photographed throughout the night by the wonderful Andy Langton, which you can see in the below gallery.  My sister Stephanie and Simon at John Lewis took care of the goodie bags which were handed out to all of our guests.

Last but not least we honestly could not have done it without Allan at D2 Marketing.  He made it all happen, coordinated the night honestly, another life long friend!  His team were also exceptional doing all the finer details and slide shows!  Thank you thank you thank you!!



On to the photos!

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