FYG Japanese Plum Blossom Diffuser
FYG Japanese Plum Blossom Diffuser
FYG Japanese Plum Blossom Diffuser
FYG Japanese Plum Blossom Diffuser


FYG Japanese Plum Blossom Diffuser

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The ‘memories’ collection is a celebration of the joy that comes as we reflect on key moments from our past. There are several ways to remember the past, but perhaps it is through scent that we most strongly find ourselves reliving the feel of any place and the emotion involved. In this way, scent is a uniquely powerful tool and so this collection has become something distinctly evocative with the power to stimulate, calm, restore, excite and invigorate our senses, even when we are simply living our everyday, often stressful, lives.

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FYG Japanese Plum Blossom Diffuser

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Memories Collection


“Tranquil, lapping stream. White blossom falls to bare feet. Soft cheeks blush, lips touch.”

Memory: Imperial Garden, Tokyo

Think sweet mandarin and fragrant, oriental plum meet neroli, jasmine, pine and cedar wood. Use this to connect to the calming peace, beauty and romance of a Japanese garden.


To maximise your FYG experience, uncork the apothecary bottle then insert the reeds provided, making sure to twist them so they cross at the bottom. This should create an inverted cone shape.

Once infused with scented oil, the reeds will begin to disperse the fragrance, filling the room to create your desired ambience.

The wider you spread the twisted reeds in the bottle, the greater the intensity of fragrance. If the fragrance proves too strong, simply reduce the number of reeds to find your perfect balance.

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